Updated for the 2022-2023 season

          Club fees for the 2022-2023 Season will remain the same at $800.


                 This covers:

                            1. Facility Rental  (2 practices a week)
                            2. Tournament Fees (entry for 8 "play dates") plus Regionals
                            3. Coaches stipend and related equipment expenses

                  Other expenses:

                            1. OVR yearly registration of $67 - each player must sign up and pay a yearly membership fee through the OVR website External link opens in new tab or windowwww.ovr.org

                                 This money goes directly to the OVR and is the same for all players regardless of club affiliation.

                            2. Uniform Kit which includes a RED and BLACK jersey and club warm-up top - $100 (one time fee).  

                            3. A ball if needed - ( approx $25-27)  In most cases, players will be expected to bring a ball with them to tournaments for team warm-ups.

                 While this may seem expensive, it is less than other clubs, some of which charge between $1,000-$2,000 per player or more.

                 Family Multi-player Discount:

                            The club offers a family discount on club fees for those with more than one daughter playing in the same season.

                             First daughter - (100%) - $800

                             Second daughter - (50%) - $400

                             Third daughter - (Free)

                             This discount does NOT include the purchase of Uniform Kits or balls.

                   Fees Payment Schedule:

                              First payment ($300) must be made by December 1st.

                              Second payment ($300) is due the first week practices start in January.

                              Final payment ($200) is due the first week in February.

                              Uniform payment ($100 one time fee) can be included in the either the first or second payment, or split ($50 each) between the two.

                              Checks should be made out to: KIDRON VOLLEYBALL CLUB

                              Mailed to:

                                              Kidron Volleyball Club

                                              4520 Country Lane

                                             Wooster, OH 44691                          


                              Electronic Payments:  The club now has a VENMO account: (@Kidron-Volleyball)  The profile photo will be a red and white volleyball.

                  The club does have "Sponsorship Funds" available if assistance with your fees is needed, please contact Mike Crawford, and he will be happy to provide

                  guidance that will be strictly confidential.

                  PLEASE NOTE:  If you have an unpaid balance from the previous year, YOUR DAUGHTER WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO TRYOUT OR PLAY until arrangements are

                  made to correct this.