PLEASE TAKE NOTE:   All Offer emails for our 2nd team have been sent.  Anyone not receiving an email offer will be placed on the Alternates list.  If an offer is declined we will then go to the alternate list to find a replacement.  This could be based on multiple factors including position, school, and/or skill level.

Player NameJersey #
Riley Nolin (Wadsworth)4
Tessa Miller (Triway)5
Peyton Martin (Strasburg)7
Mikayla Masci (Wooster)10
Brooklyn Clark (Central Christian)11
Avery Grosjean (Orrville)15
Lexi Miller (Strasburg)17
Kayleigh Miller (Triway)20
Katelyn Wentling (Fairless)24

Player NameJersey #
Sophie Cowart (Triway)2
Ava Veemara (Orrville)3
Lenise Craig (Wooster)4
Isabelle Babcock (Wooster)6
Mercedes Lorenz (Northwestern)11
Clover Babcock (Wooster)12
Olivia Shelly (Smithville)18
Abby Ashbrook (Cloverleaf)25
Ashlyn Zimmerman (Gospel Haven Christian)28