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Kidron Volleyball Club

Things You Should Know



-          The Club was formed in 2007. This will be our 12th season.


-          To provide quality off-season instruction in a positive, nurturing, and competitive environment. You can expect your daughter to be treated with dignity and respect, and we would expect the same from her (and you). There will be times, however, when coaches will be direct and constructively critical, especially when effort, desire, and sportsmanship are lacking.


-          The Kidron Volleyball Club has evolved from a club that simply provided opportunities to play to one that has become very competitive at all levels. We seek to give our players an opportunity to compete at a championship level. There will be a mix of American and Regional teams this year.


-          We expect to have 8-9 teams this season (two 13s, two 14s, two 15s, one or two 16s, one 17s, and one 18s) this year. This may change according to how many players accept or decline our invitations, but it will likely not expand because of limited facility availability.


-          Tryouts are held in early-to-mid November. Teams are selected and announced several days after tryouts. Practices begin in early January. Tournaments run from late January to mid-May.


-          Practices are generally held twice a week (Sunday afternoon and one weeknight) beginning January 3 and continuing through late April or early May. Practices will be held at The Greene Center on Kidron Road. Attendance at every practice is not absolutely required, but it is very strongly encouraged. If you are going to be late, please do not rush. There will be no punishment for late arrival, but please try to be timely in picking up your daughter after practice. Our coaches are required to stay until the last girl has departed, so please be prompt, so they are not asked to stay an extended period.


-          Each team will compete in approximately eight tournaments (including regionals). Tournaments are held on Saturdays or Sundays and are scheduled by your coach. It is strongly recommended that you not miss more than one tournament. Tournaments generally begin at 8 or 9 a.m. and generally end sometime between 4-6 p.m. Most will be scheduled within 90 minutes of Wooster. Tournament schedules should be posted by mid-December.

Selection of Teams

-          Players are selected on the basis of their ability, attitude, and work ethic. No more than three players from one school may be on the same team (except 12 and under and 18s. which has no school limitations). Strong consideration is given to selecting players by position, so that both the player and the team will benefit.

-          Once you are selected, you have 10 days to respond (although you are welcome and encouraged to reply sooner). You may not be pressured in any way. If you accept our offer (or another clubs offer), you cannot play for another team. The Ohio Valley Region will not allow it. Your choice is binding. If you quit and try to catch on somewhere else, both the player and the club that takes her on are subject to sanction.

When Will I Know?

-          Teams should be posted within 24 hours, give or take.

-          If you are listed as an alternate, dont despair, many alternates have joined the team and become very good players. Alternates are listed alphabetically on the website, but if you want to inquire about your status, you may e-mail John Finn (

-          Depending on the number of players who try out, there will be 16-18 players selected in each age group (8-9 in 17s and 18s). Individual teams may be listed that night, but more than likely all 16-18 players will be listed in one group with breakout sessions to follow in November.

Playing Time

-          Our motto on playing time is Representative, but not necessarily equal. Everyone will play in every tournament, but some will play more than others. J.O. is a competitive endeavor, and its not fair to the players or coaches to set up a rotation that is less competitive. In most cases, players can expect a minimum of three positions/rotations per set.

Playing Up

-          Generally, we advise players to play in their own age group, but there are some players whose best interest would be served if they played up, so we do allow and even encourage that in certain situations.

Expectations: What can I expect to get out of this?

-          Three things: (1) Your skills will improve through instruction and on-court experience. (2) Your court sense and general game knowledge will also improve, thus better preparing you for your school season. (3) Intensity and a winning attitude will be encouraged, but, of course, thats really up to you

Expectations: What we expect from players and parents

-          A positive and supportive attitude on and off the court. Negative attitudes will not be tolerated.

-          Support for ALL coaches and players, not just your daughter.

-          Willingness to help out when asked (although parents are not allowed to help at practices or tournaments unless they are IMPACT certified and registered with the OVR).

-          Timely drop off and pick up of your daughters (coaches cannot transport players unless it is an absolute emergency).

-          Presence at tournaments and staying to help officiate the final match of the tournament.

-          Finally, please refrain from negative comments about officials, players, parents, or coaches outside the confines of your own home.


-          The total fee to be paid directly to the club for the season is $700. This includes court fees, tournament fees, coachs stipends, and related expenses.  This does not include registration fees ($62) and uniforms (two jerseys, a pair of spandex, a warm-up top, and a ball, totaling approximately $125).  Taken together, you can expect to pay roughly $900. While this may seem expensive, it is far less than most other clubs, some of which charge $1,000-$2,000 per player or more.

-          Families with two daughters playing will receive a 50% discount off the second player. Families with three girls playing will pay for only two.

-          When you accept the invitation to play, your $250 first payment is required. After that, the fee schedule is as follows: Jan. 1 - $250, Feb. 1 - $200. Players who miss the payment dates risk suspension from practice and tournaments.

-          If you could use some assistance with your fee, please contact Mike Crawford, and he will be happy to provide guidance that will be strictly confidential.

-          If you have a balance from previous years, YOU CANNOT PLAY until that is taken care of. Likewise, if you miss a payment, you could be subject to suspension until the fee is paid.


-     Uniforms, balls, and other accessories will be ordered after teams are established. Details will follow.


-          The girls will have an opportunity to sell Butter Braids and Cookie Dough in November. Details are on our website. Questions? Contact Mike Crawford ( )


-          Martys Studio will be taking team and individual photos in January. Everyone will be photographed, but there is no obligation to purchase the photos.

-          These photos will be placed on our website, so if you dont want your daughter on the site, request that two photos be taken one with your daughter and one without.


-          There are many challenges in running a program, including (1) Finding good coaches; (2) Finding practice facilities; (3) Keeping costs affordable; (4) Making good decisions about personnel; (5) Assuring continuity and harmony among players, coaches, and parents; (6) Assuring a good experience for all involved. Please do your part to help us make this work


-          Mike Crawford (


-          Most of our communication will be handled online, primarily through our website ( or via e-mail. Please check this site often for scheduling updates, changes of location, practice schedules, and cancellations due to inclement weather. Coaches are also likely to set up a group text for players and parents.


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