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Fees - 2017 Season
The club fee for 2017 will be $700 per player. 
After being invited and accepting a position to play with the club, your acceptance will not be complete until we have received the first installment of $250.  Players are also required to complete the full registration with the USAV.  After completion of the initial installment, the remainder of the fees will be payable in two installments due Jan. 1 ($250), and Feb. 1 ($200).

The club fee of $700 does not include uniform and ball fees.  All players are also required to purchase new uniforms, though balls are optional.  The uniform and ball fees are paid directly to the club.  The estimated fee for uniforms is $100, and balls are $25.  This will result in total payments to the club of approximately $800-$825.

There are several registration fees paid to both USA Volleyball and the club.
Club fees also do not include USAV registration fees ($10 initial fee plus $52 if accepted by a club).  Registration must be completed and paid for by the player/parents.  Please see our Tryouts page for detailed information and requirements.  NO ONE CAN TRYOUT WITHOUT FIRST REGISTERING ONLINE WITH THE USAV.
The club also assesses a $10 tryout fee to cover the costs of tryouts.  This is paid directly to the club at the time of tryouts and is separate from any USAV fees.  
If a player is selected and accepts a position with the club an additional registration fee of $52 must be paid directly to USAV. 
Taken together, club fees, uniform costs and the various registration fees take the total cost of participation to approximately $900. 
We will be continuing a multi-child discount policy.  For those families with two girls in the club a 50% will be offered for the second daughter (total fee $1,050).  For those families with three daughters the third child will play for free (total fee $1,400). 

Unless other arrangements have been made, please send checks made out to KVBC to:
Jay Haver
4231 E. Moreland Rd.
Fredericksburg, OH  44627
Kidron Volleyball Club 2017