PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  Thank you all for trying out this season.  If you do not receive an email offer you are automatically placed on the alternates list.  Players have until Nov 1st @ 9p to accept or decline our offer.  Names will be posted once an offer has been accepted.

Player NameJersey #
Mary Feil (Smithville) 1
Hope Jones (Wooster) 2
Rebekah Keib (Smithville) 3
Jillian McCloud (Wooster) 4
Megan Ediger (Ashland) 6
Anaca Holcombe (Wooster) 8
Maya Mayfield (Triway) 21
Ella Tomlinson (Dalton) 22

Player NameJersey #
Kensey Wolfe (Waynedale) 2
Ella Vermilya (Loudonville) 7
Riley Thomas (Wooster) 9
Layla Wade Messenger (Orrville) 11
Audrey Lee (Wooster) 14
Ellen Armour (Wooster) 17
Alicia Andreas (Strasburg) 18
Kaydence Dawson (Triway) 22
Olivia Suttle (Waynedale) 24