PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  Teams are listed below after our breakout session Saturday, Dec 7th.   These teams will practice together throughout the season.  I hope this helps with transportation.  Practices will be Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:00-7:30pm at the Greene Center.

Lauran Hicks will coach one team.

Mackenzie Brookover and Haley Boyd will coach the other.

13R-BrookoverBoyd - complete
Player #/NameJersey #
Avery Burson9
Alexis Greegor4
Kylee Loar 7
Caitlin Walsh-Knouff 3
Abby Cooper39
Abby Gonzales12
Brianna Stitt 23
Hayden Peters 10

13R-Hicks - complete
Player #/NameJersey #
Kendall Maibach 2
Kaitlyn Mast 22
Emma McBride14
Madison Pearce-Laferty 11
Brianna Powell 19
Elaine Stillings 15
Keirstin Taylor 13
Rhianna Troyer 20
Ava Panaciulli 5