Due to the number of girls trying out at this level, we didn't assign numbers.  Invites were verbally given at tryouts and official email invites were sent last night and this morning.  Names will be added as responses are received.  

17s Burgess - complete
Player #/NameJersey #
Gia Fuline20
Rachel Eshenaur4
Lydia Dunham15
Addy Iannarelli16
Katie Walker18
Melanie Gerber11
Natalie Adams22
Hailey Eberly21

18s Crawford - complete
Player #/NameJersey #
Lindsey Baldridge10
Haley Mast26
Madison Briggs28
Mallory Shoup11
Syndey Sherrieb7
Chloe Sherrieb5
Julie Immel3
Michelle Stern23
Monica Guiler13